My Low-Carb Journey – Part 1

While I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all diet out there I do know that lowering your carbohydrate intake can take a lot of stress off your organs. I want to highlight that this is not a ketogenic diet!


Day in and day out I customize my patient’s eating patterns based on their needs and to better control their weight and blood sugars. It takes trial and error. I make recommendations, but at the end of the day it’s YOU who needs to tell me how many carbohydrates you can handle. You know this by checking your blood sugar pre and post meal.

So I decided to embark on my own low carb journey for 12 days. Naturally, I’m dragging my husband along (haha). He’s up for anything and since I make all the meals it’s easier for me to not be a short-order cook.

Why 12 days? I know, so random! It’s because we have 12 days until we leave for vacation so that’s the time slot I gave us.

Again, I’m not talking about the ketogenic diet. I’m talking about lowering your carbohydrates to the point that your blood sugar is better controlled and your hormones normalize. This is different for everyone it all depends on your age, weight, muscle mass, activity level and stress management.

The Plan

Based on my calculations, here is where we are going to start:

Carbohydrates: 20% total calories

Protein: 30% total calories

Fat: 50% total calories

This comes out to the following:

Me: 80 grams of carbohydrates per day. I’m going to try and aim for less than 70 g.

The Hubs: 120 grams of carbohydrates per day. 

*Remember that these are individually based. Please do not follow this exactly for yourself. Calculations are based on height, weight, activity level, muscle mass and Dietitian expertise.

While these carbs may seem “normal” to some of you or “easy” you have to also know that my husband and I are very active. We are athletes and I plan on maintaining my high intensity workout program while doing this. Having carbohydrates be only 20% of my total calories is not highly recommended for any athlete. I’m excited and nervous to see how I feel while working out.


Being a Dietitian, meal planning is my jam! I have no problem meal prepping and coming up with new meal ideas.

Some things to know about me – I don’t eat red meat and eat very little pork. I try and limit processed meats like deli meat and pancetta (Italian bacon) and always buy sustainable and organic proteins.

So basically, my main animal protein options are chicken, eggs, turkey and fish. I, of course, will be using plant based proteins as well, but am going to limit my soy intake due to the fact that it’s higher in carbs compared to animal proteins.

I know I’ll be fine. I worry about my husband… he loves his carbs and beer! Like I said though, I’m not taking carbs away. I’m simply reducing them and controlling our blood sugars better. However, alcohol is a no no. I’m completely removing it over the next 2 weeks — until we leave for vacation 🙂

I can’t wait to share how it goes. I’ll split up these posts into 3 total. Part 2 will be the first week and part 3 will be an overview of all 12 days.

If you have any tips, tricks or low carb recipes that you want to share please do!

Stay tuned for my low-carb journey: Part 2.

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